2011 was an awesome year!  I was so lucky to meet so many great people!  I wanted to make a Top 10 of my favorite pictures that I took this year – it was SO HARD to narrow down to just 10 pictures.  So hard!  I am so looking forward to 2012 seeing current clients again and meeting new ones!  Enjoy my top 10 for 2011.

This week, the ISO challenge theme is Thankful.  I’m thankful for so many things, it was hard to think of just ONE picture to capture that.  But then I took this shot today at my nephews 8th birthday party.  When I saw it, I knew what I planned to enter.  Ronnie is our daycare provider.  For the last 8 years, she has watched, fed, changed, taught, guided and LOVED our kids.  She started with our nephew, then Hailey and our neice, my best friend’s kids go there, my sister-in-law’s friends’ kids go there.  She is amazing and I don’t know how she does it.  Hailey loves kindergarten, but has missed Ronnie’s house so much.  She was so happy to see her today.  I think it’s so cool that she takes her Sunday, her day off, to come to a birthday party for a boy that isn’t even one of her current daycare kids.  So what I am thankful for is that we found the most amazing place to send our kids every day.  Trusting someone to watch your kids is tough, but knowing they are with Ronnie has been the best feeling ever as a mom!  She truly is wonderful and we all love her!

I met this adorable boy on a dark, rainy day.  At 6 weeks, he was a bit older for newborn shots and was wide awake the whole time.  But after a good meal, he was pretty cooperative!  And the rain let up for a second and we were able to grab a family shot outside too!  Here are my favorites!

I met up with these great guys on a brisk windy morning in a spot new to me – the boom site on the St. Croix.  I loved the location, there were so many great backgrounds to work with – the river, limestone caves, sand, trees!  And the guys were pretty awesome to work with too!  Here are some of my favorites, it was really hard to narrow down for the blog!

Next up is Brynn!  I brought my “assistant” Hailey with to this session, and when we got in the car afterwards, she said “Mom, Brynn is the cutest girl ever!”  I have to agree, I love her big eyes and big cheeks!  We met up a local park, and got so totally lucky with the weather, no rain and not too cold!  We had a great time together, a really fun family!  And it turns Jill and I share the EXACT same birthday!  According to my assistant, we are both 19!:)Here are some of my favorites – Enjoy!