Macy and Reese!

Next up in the mini-sessions was Macy and Reese!  They were the entire reason Hailey sat patiently through all the sessions – she was so excited to see them since she doesn’t get to very often now that she is in school.  We have been best friends with them for 10 years, and our kids have grown up together at the same day care.  So fun taking pictures of them!  Here are my favorites!

Ian and Olivia

Next up is Ian and Olivia.  As it got a later in the afternoon it started to get chilly out, and even though she was freezing, Olivia posed like a pro model!  So fun to get some fun shots of her!  Ian was a bit more shy, but got him to open up eventually!  Here are some of my favorites!


SO ADORABLE!  I had a great time with this little girl.  She was so happy and sweet!  And Hailey loved playing with her in between poses and after the session.  I loved all her giggly girl expressions and how the sun was shining through her curly hair.  Here are my favorites!

The Spauldings

I kicked off my crazy afternoon of mini-sessions with this great family! It can be a challenge keeping 2 boys still together long enough for a picture!  Mom described them to me ahead of time as active, and she was right!  An adorable family and I love the boys eyes!

The Weitzels!

Another really nice, but WINDY fall day!  We met at a local park to get some updated family pictures, mostly of Andrew, since he’s 2 and they haven’t had any yet!  Even their big sister came up from college to join it!  It was SO cute how excited the kids were to see her.  And Dad/Andrew are big Nebraska fans, while the ladies are Gopher fans, so we had some fun getting some “rivalry” shots of them!  Here are some of my favorites!