Seven Years!

On August 6, 2004 – a perfect summer day on Harriet Island – I married my best friend! 
7 (11) years, 2 houses, 2 kids, 2 home renovations, 3 years of law school and
countless nights on the dock together….
Happier than ever! 
Happy Anniversary Doug.  I love you more each day!

Almost Senior Pictures

Last fall I took senior pictures of Maria’s brother and this summer their mom called in need of better pictures of her daughter to hang next to Matt’s pictures.  So we met up at a local park on a very humid afternoon!  I know she was warm in those jeans!  We had a great time wandering around trying different shots.  She was so fun and easy to work with and SO gorgeous, I love her hair!  Can’t wait to do her real senior pictures next year! 


So a fellow photographer and friend started a new blog with weekly photo challenges called ISO.. In Search Of… and this week I decided to join in.  The theme this week is Summertime.  I knew instantly what Summertime meant to our family – days on the lake.  Technically, you are supposed to enter one picture, so consider the 2nd picture my entry.  I had to share the first to tell the story.  Hopefully I don’t get DQ’d! 
Doug (my husband) grew up on a lake and when we started dating, it was very clear we would live no other way.  No matter what the house was like, if it was on water, it was good enough.  Hailey has always had the same love of the water as her dad, and she has always been a true daddy’s girl.  I took this first picture when Hailey was just 2. They just loved sitting down on the dock together, watching boats, looking for fish, splashing toes, swimming, you name it.  I used to sit on the top of the hill at our old house and just watch them. It has always has made my heart happy watching them together on the dock. This first picture has always stuck with me.  Every time I see it, I can remember the whole day, the sun, the smell, the grass. And this week, after I put Lola to bed, I was walking back down to the dock to hang out with them and I saw them sitting there again, watching the sunset.  I instantly remembered the picture so I just had to run back up to grab the camera.    
And here they are today.  Well, a couple day ago, but you get it! Hailey is now 5 and starting kindergarten in the fall.  Still a daddy’s girl.  But still loves to sit with him on the dock, swim, water ski.  Anything to spend time with Dad.  I have no idea how many more summers I’ll get shots like this, but I hope we have a few more years left! 
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Quinn and Maeve!

I met up with these adorable girls on one of the crazy hot and humid days we had last week.  The heat index at 9 am was 105!  I was hoping we could get a few shots outside, despite the heat, and these girls were pros!  I think her mom and I were the only ones that felt the heat!  It was so much fun getting to hang out with them!   

The Mack Family!

On my way to meet up with the Mack family at Lake Como it was pouring rain! So I was a little unsure how the session would play out, but it turned out to be a great sunny morning.  What I didn’t know was how much the girls would LOVE to jump in the mud puddles!  And thanks to the rain, there were plenty!  They were in such cute WHITE dresses, so we got as many shots in as we could before they couldn’t resist the mud!  It was so much fun!  Hopefully their dresses were washable!