I kicked off my crazy afternoon of mini-sessions with this great family! It can be a challenge keeping 2 boys still together long enough for a picture!  Mom described them to me ahead of time as active, and she was right!  An adorable family and I love the boys eyes!

Another really nice, but WINDY fall day!  We met at a local park to get some updated family pictures, mostly of Andrew, since he’s 2 and they haven’t had any yet!  Even their big sister came up from college to join it!  It was SO cute how excited the kids were to see her.  And Dad/Andrew are big Nebraska fans, while the ladies are Gopher fans, so we had some fun getting some “rivalry” shots of them!  Here are some of my favorites!

What a fun session with a great family!  We’ve known them for years, so it was great to take their family pictures!  We met on what turned out the be really the last perfect fall day!  Great colors, sun coming through the trees, not too cold or windy – Just perfect!  Here are a few of my favorites!

I met the Hanlon’s out at William O’Brien State Park on what I think was the nicest day of fall!  The colors were perfect!  13 years ago, Jason and Jenny had their first date at this park, and 12 years ago, they were engaged there!  So, I was so honored when they asked me to take their family pictures there to celebrate!  We had such a fun time, walking around to all their favorite spots!  And at the end, Maya actually asked if I could take MORE pictures!!! No child has ever asked me that!  It was hard to narrow down my favorites for the blog! 

She is just TOO cute!  We had a great time on a perfect fall day getting to know each other.  I always bring little candies with just in case we need to encourage a little cooperation!  And once Regan knew there was a sweet treat waiting, she opened right up!  Here are some of my favorites!