I spent a chunk of the winter organizing my personal photos.  It was so fun to look though so many old photos, but it made me realize how few pictures I actually have of my own family.  Being a professional photographer, I spend so much time capturing other families as my job that I don’t remember to do this for myself, too.  Plus, I get picky about the light, what the girls are wearing, or a million other excuses.  Yesterday was a beautiful day and as I watching the girls play on the beach, I gave myself a challenge.  Capture a picture EVERY DAY of our life.  Either with my “big” camera or just my iPhone.  I’ll have to remind myself it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be the best light, it’s OK to use a flash, it’s not a professional photo shoot – it’s simply to capture my family as we are today!!  So I’ll post pics here, or on my Instagram.  I hope you’ll follow along to hold me accountable.  Wish me luck!

Yesterday – April 15, 2015 – It’s warm out, the water is cold, the kids are happy to be back to dancing in the sand!

I’m in the heart of busy season for fall photos!  I know many families that are planning to use pictures for Christmas Cards, so rather than share a bunch of pics, I’m just going to share 1 sneak peak photo!  Save the surprise for the mail! 🙂

Look at Alexa!!  Couldn’t be any cuter!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE her outfit – Burberry jacket, saddle leggings and ankle boots!  Adorable!

Happy Fall!


Thanks to everyone who voted for my pics in the White Bear Lake Magazine Photo Contest!  I am so excited that this picture “A Kids Summer Night” placed 2nd!  It’s one on my favorite all time photos of Hailey.  It takes me right to a perfect summer night.  Doug is in the water, she is waiting her turn in their “how far can you dive off and swim under water” contest.   Times like these are why I LOVE summer!  Kids swimming off the dock.  Humid summer air.  Golden sunsets.  Warm water.  Happy kids.  What could be better!?


On this rainy very October-like morning, enjoy a preview of an end of summer session.  Meet the Whiterabbits.  Cute kids.  Super nice parents.  All around great family!  I remember the warm, humid summer night when we took these photos.  I wish we had more of that weather.  It was such a pleasure to photograph your beautiful family in such a great spot on the lake!  Here are some of my faves!